Preventative Maintenance


TCL provides a full range of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contracts throughout London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and Home Counties.

TCL PPM covers equipment and building fabric inspections, with testing undertaken at regular intervals by specially trained TCL engineers to lessen or prevent the potential for breakdown, check performance in regard to safety and ensure equipment and plant it is efficient and safe in operation.

PPM maintenance involves careful planning and scheduling. We take away the complexity of process and operations especially for companies with larger properties, or an array of sites. We are expert in maintaining large amounts of equipment and machinery. Clients can choose between time-based or condition monitored contracts.

Time based PPM schedules maintenance at regular intervals. Condition based maintenance involves PPM based on certain indicators such as on deteriorating equipment or assessing and maintaining building fabric condition.


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TCL are approved or accredited by the leading bodies within the industry. We have ISO, Safe Contractor and Environmental Agency approval and accreditation.